Version 2.0 of our sustainability data management software cii is released

New cii Version. We are very proud to announce the new version of cii, our sustainability data management solution. We added very useful new functions alongside increased usability and more a more user-friendly clarity:

  • Flexible Excel to Web Solution: Transfer of your Excel-Collector-Sheets and Reports to a clear Web-Solution on a click. Combining the simplicity of Excel with the power and security of a data warehouse.
  • Document Upload:  Documents in different formats can now be uploaded to the collection sheets and will be saved centrally and stay viewable in the database.
  • Audit-Trail:  Any changes in the data can now be tracked down to users, old value and new value. This works independent and in addition to the submit/close functions.
  • Copy and Paste from Excel into Web: Process your data in Excel and put it to the Web-Frontend by copy and paste.
  • Additional End-User-Functions:  Users can now export the reports into Office-Formats with a standard control button in any screen. Multi-Value-Parsing from Excel sheets into the web-collector sheets can now be activated by the admin.
  • Auto-Reminder-E-Mail: A background process will send automated reminder E-Mails to users who, i.e. did not submit their data at a specific date.
  • Flexible Output: The data stored can be mapped and reported to any reporting framework. The audit and documentation functions will meet any requirements of the most important sustainability frameworks. The GRI G4 Guidelines, the Carbon Disclosure Project – CDP, ISO – Management Systems (ISO 50001 Energy Management System – EnMS, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System – EMS, ISO 9001 Quality Management System – QMS), the Dow Jones Sustainabilty Indices – DJSI, Integrated Reporting Framework – <IR> and others. Easily adapt the data to changing reporting frameworks and requirements.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)-Readiness: The new architecture allows direct interfacing to machine interfaces, granting to drill down into detailed data, or enabling detailed analysis for data usage.

If you are interested in discovering our new cii version and learn about our powerful sustainability data management software by yourself, you can sign up for a 1:1 live demo with one of our experts. Contact us via the form at or via email or +49 7531 9228 178.