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A short overview why using our solution cii will fit your needs best and will help you to boost your sustainability efforts.


If you are about to decide for a  Sustainability Management Solution in your company, you might struggle with a overwhelming complexity caused by various stakeholders in your company.  If you ask around you will get numerous feature and functions requests for the different areas, in combination with a lot of uncertainty caused by running projects and activities in different areas. If you are waiting for all concepts to be ready you will realize that a final overall concept is a almost unreachable goal.
That’s why cii has a modular approach for growth. The Sustainability Management Solution will adapt your demands on your sustainability journey as your sustainability maturity is growing.

  • Start with an already established collection process, i.e. HSE or CO2 Footprint
  • Extend the application once you have proven the business-benifits, to other areas based on the existing structures (i.e. Connect HSE Data with HR-Sustainability KPIs ( Diversity, Training etc.), extend your Factory Footprint with a Product LCA
  • Avoid redundant data collection – which leads to deveations sooner or later – by using data once collected in other relevant modules
  • Start with pilot groups for additional KPIs, proove the business benefit and extend it to the complete company


We will transfer your existing templates into the web, so users will feel like working in their known environment, any of your ideas can be captured and presented in Excel – a tool everyone in your company will know – and transferred to the web-solution in the way everybody will understand.

  • Continue to collect data in the format the people in your company are used to
  • Use all graphs and reports in the way people are used to
  • Enhance your input-sheets and reports step-by-step to increase user acceptance
  • Connect your planning to budget and sales plans


The development of our sustainability footprint management solutions has always been in close consultations with members of our partner network. As we have the technical know-how to exceed the boundaries of mere Excel-based reporting with our cii platform, our partners have the knowledge to create certification and audit ready questionnaires and spreadsheets. The combination of both emerged in our footprint management solutions. Solutions that are easy to adapt, easy to use and still highly customisable to your needs.

  • Development of cii with our global partner network with the experience of thousands of projects in different fields of sustainability reporting, certification and management (Integrated Reporting, Carbon Footprinting, Global Reporting, EU-directives)
  • Joint development of sophisticated solutions with our partners
  • Many years of experience in implementing our solution to organisations of different sizes and branches
  • cii can be implemented on all stages of your sustainability journey
  • Opportunity of joined forces with our partner network for holistic sustainability management strategies


cii runs as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) contract, that means maintance and administration as well as guaranteeing the availability of the tool is run by us, we care for security and the service for the tool, we check the data-loads and will even sent out reminder e-mails. You do not need to educate your users or administrators in a new database-platform. Our processes will guarantee, that changes and adaptions will be implemented securely and quickly. You can concentrate on the content and analysis:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a scalable model which will adapt to your needs, no further investments in software necessary
  • Secure change management
  • Administration and maintenance will be done by us


Most of the tools available on the markets are focussed on the Outputs you have to create for different stakeholders or frameworks. That means that i.e. you might collect only GRI relevant data for your GRI – Reporting. If you decide to report into a different Framework, or the Framework changes its standards, you will have to change your collection process completely. Not with cii, in our “Sustainability-Data-Pool” we will store the data on so called “data-points” which can be used in different frameworks or be added to reportings as you need it. Maybe with slight adaptions but without the need of recreating the tool completely.

  • Create a “Sustainability-Data-Information-Pool” independent from the requested outputs
  • Adapt to changes in the Frameworks without loosing your history
  • Analyse data beyond details requested from Frameworks to be able to detect action points for improvement
  • Answer specific questions for management decisions, with on-the-fly analysis


If you collect sustainability relevant data from different sources, you are often using the same facts for different purposes, i.e. a HSE-Sheet will be based on headcounts you have to report for HR- sustainability data, the ratios in your Factory-Footprint will be based on production figures which are reported in a management report. A “data-point” once collected in our cii – system will be available for all relevant areas of your company. This will minimize the data collection efforts for each area and increase data accuracy. By minimizing the effort of entering data, you can increase the frequency of your collection to get more analysing power.

  • Start with an already established collection process, i.e. HSE or CO2 Footprint
  • Extend the application once you have proven the business-benifits, to other areas based on the existing structures (i.e. Connect HSE Data with HR-Sustainability KPIs ( Diversity, Training etc.), extend your Factory Footprint with a Product LCA
  • Minimize manual data collection efforts, maximize data accuracy


Collecting Data with Excel has a lot of advantages, like flexibility and usage of common formats, but in terms of process controls and data accuracy there are a lot of drawbacks. With the standard cii functionality, there are no more manual data aggregations necessary, with the integrated sign-off and audit trails functions you are always in control over the status of your data. The input-sheets will be fed with already collected data and alerts will show up if newly entered data is out of range. Either you can correct the data input or comment on the deviation. If you like your users can be reminded by e-mail if the are due to submit.

  • Add sign-offs and audit-trails to your collection process
  • Add auto reminders during your collection process
  • Avoid redundant data collection
  • Aggregate data automatically into all business entities
  • Enrich data with automatically loaded data
  • Check data entry on plausibility during entry


With enabling you to analyse the collected data on your customized company structure, it will be possible to gather deeper findings for actions to be taken or deviations to be investigated on. Add area specific goals to you KPIs to engage users to reach the total sustainability goals of your company.

  • Use the complete data in the database for deeper analysis
  • Analyze data in a deeper detail, not only in the headquarter but also at the factory site
  • Set goals and objectives in respect of other business goals
  • Communicate the business cases for sustainability within the whole company
  • Set specific goals for areas to reach your overall company goals


If you want to integrate sustainability into your company, you do have to put sustainability in context with financial, productions and sales aspects. With cii you can connect this data flawlessly into one system, enabling you to see the complete picture of the company activities and their influence into the other areas. With our solution you can see impacts of sustainability data on your financial budget and vice versa. The bookings on an internal investment order in SAP will i.e. appear directly on you investment-process view in cii.

  • Connect the different sustainability areas to finance and sales data
  • Display the impact of all areas to finance and sales
  • Load data directly from ERP-Systems
  • Connect your planning to budget and sales plans


With our step by step approach there is no need of a big conceptual project in advance of any outcomes, we try to keep the impact on your internal resources to a minimum. By starting small with transfering an existing data collection sheet onto our cii – platform, you can use your new team power to concentrate on integrating on the next step of your sustainability journey. With proofing the business success of each module getting support for your activities will be much easier, than confronting your management with a long term, high volumne project with uncertain success.

  • Use your existing templates
  • Use your quick-start process to be ready to run within days
  • Proof the value of the application before you extend it
  • Communicate the business cases for sustainability within the whole company
  • Set specific goals for areas to reach your overall company goals