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Carbon Footprint Manager

- Measure, Monitor and Manage your Carbon Footprint

(with John Hsu, The Carbon Trust)

Ended - a recording of the webinar is available

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The Carbon Trust’s Footprint Manager

Recording of the webinar on the Carbon Trust’s Footprint Manager

Managing the Carbon Footprint is one of the key ingredients for any successful organisation to save money, cut risks and become more sustainable. In our upcoming webinar John Hsu, Consultant at The Carbon Trust will show you how a solid Carbon Management can help your organisation to become more sustainable and will demonstrate why the features of the Carbon Trust Footprint Manager make it the perfect tool.

Organisations have to understand and measure their carbon footprint for matters of resource or cost reduction, or meeting the requirements of their stakeholders. A deeper understanding of the footprint and detailed, reliable data are necessary for the right decisions to be made. As it is often stated, you can only manage what has been measured.

Management tools like the Footprint Manager can help to collect, monitor, and manage this data.

They can solve various challenges:

  • Clearly deciphering an organisation’s Carbon emissions for both internal and external reports
  • Proof of emission reductions through a sound monitoring
  • Data-based planning of measures for Carbon reduction
  • Strategic planning opportunities for a long-term sustainable orientation of an organisation
  • Robust analysis for external reporting, stakeholder information and marketing

The Carbon Trust Footprint Manager is a web-based tool that is designed to perform these tasks. It supports organisations of any size to measure and report their carbon emissions to a wide range of established reporting frameworks such as GHG Protocol, CDP, GRI and Mandatory Carbon Reporting (MCR). The tool is also designed to help organisations to actively manage their carbon emissions on a regular basis, track progress, and assist internal decision making on how best to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The benefits of the Carbon Trust Footprint Manager are:

  • Compliance with popular carbon reporting standards
  • The web-based application is accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Carbon Management for Scope 1, Scope 2 and business travel of Scope 3
  • Clear and concise reporting with default reports in accordance with GHG Protocol guidelines
  • Full process control (Commentaries, Audit trail, Data validation, User Management)
  • Automatic aggregation of the data entered
  • Benchmark, track and monitor environmental and energy performance of multiple sites on a yearly, monthly, or even daily basis

What you’ll learn in this Webinar:

  • The business case for Carbon Footprint Management
  • How the Footprint Manager can help you to keep track over your Carbon Emissions and help to reduce them
  • Demonstration of the features and functionalities of the Carbon Trust’s Footprint Manager

Presented by:

John Hsu

Consultant, Business Advisor at The Carbon Trust

John is an expert in sustainability data analytics, reporting and software solutions. He helps companies achieve their sustainability needs and objectives through the power of data and insightful analysis. His specialities are organisational and product footprinting (carbon, water and waste), cost v carbon optimisation, sustainable supply chain modelling, sustainability reporting frameworks and strategy (CDP, GRI, Mandatory Carbon Reporting) and sustainability software solutions. John has advised and built data models for companies and public bodies such as GSK, Samsung, British Sugar, Taylor Wimpey and SERMANAT (Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico).

Andreas BollonginoAndreas Bollongino

Founder and Managing Partner of CG Controlling GmbH

With more than 20 years of experience in business intelligence, controlling and reporting on a technical and management level, as well as the development of software solutions, Andreas founded CG Controlling in 2011. Dissatisfied by the fact that standard software solutions meet the needs of customers only to a certain degree, he wanted to develop solutions that fit the needs of their customers. CG´s solutions provide proof for this way of thinking: solutions developed in close consultation with customers.


Link to the Presentation of the Carbon Trust Footprint Manager

Presentation Carbon Trust Footprint Manager

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