The cii – Environmental, Health and Safety Management Software

With a sustainable Environment, Health and Safety – EHS (HSE, EH&S) strategy, organizations can benefit  on various levels.

cii-sustainability-dashboard-sign-inThey can stand out from their competitors by having a convincing impression of their public image. Also they can protect their employees’ health and safety as well as their own. By using an EHS management system they can perform a coherent data collection, monitor their data and report them to their various stakeholders.

They can improve their public image, their internal as well as their external compliance and become a more sustainable business and also become a more attractive employer for skilled and talented professionals.

The cii EHS Management solution supports organisations in the complex field of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and helps them to keep track over their data to reduce risks, improve their employers health and commitment and become more cost-effective.


  • Cost-effective compliance with the complex challenges of todays regulations – especially for global players
  • Risk reduction by an improved risk management
  • Building and protection of an organisations reputation and of its brands
  • Improvements in  HR (employee commitment, motivation, attraction of talented professionals)
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Improving investor relations
  • Launch and monitor effective incentives in order to improve your organisations environment, health and safety


The cii EHS Management Software is your solution when it comes to take your organisation beyond compliance

adaptable, scalable, excel-to-web ⇒ cii ehs management

cii offers a structure that perfectly fits organisations of any size and branche. No matter if you are taking your first steps in EHS management or want to succeed in your efforts. cii supports your efforts by its database driven system. This system allows you to use the data and user rights once entered, for all your data. With our expertise of more than 20 years in business intelligence, controlling and reporting we can offer professional support for developing measurable KPIs for EHS data collection, monitoring and reporting.

The cii EHS Management System comes with core features and functionalities that will help you to get your job done. You can find a brief overview below. For further details please visit our Core Features Page.

  • Excel-to-Web
  • Fully hosted Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS)
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Custom Analytics
  • Emissions Forecasting
  • Fast implementation




Integration and adaption

cii has its strengths in its adaptability. cii is fully customisable and adaptable and can be used with existing structures and sheets and make use of them without complex integration. It can be fully customised to your needs. As most sustainability management software solutions meet the needs of their customers only to a certain degree and need a lot of adjustments on customer side, cii is developed as a solution that fits the needs of our customers and adapts to your demands and not the other way around. We offer an evolving solution developed in close consultation with our customers and our global partner network.


cii is an Excel-to-Web solution. This means we will transfer existing Excel-sheets, reports or templates to the cii web interface and add database driven OLAP functionalities. This gives you and your coworkers the look-and-feel of using Excel but with the advanced functionality of a database driven system. Data entry becomes safer and analytics can be done within cii with customized dashboards or directly in your familiar Excel environment. Providing you with the best of both worlds.

Fully hosted SaaS solution

cii is a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) solution, this means maintenance and administration as well as guaranteeing the availability of the service relies on us. Centralised updates of reports and emission factors are also part of our services. As a SaaS solution provider we guarantee highest data security by using the https-protocol and using German based servers.

Customisable Dashboards

We provide a fixed set of standard dashboard charts and tables with all our modules. But as we know that every organisation even every user is different, we provided cii with the option to use customised dashboards for every user that will fit your needs completely.

Custom Analytics

Analysis and reporting can be adapted to your organisation´s specific demands as rules and conversions for calculations are customisable. As cii can perform integrated service options like sales data retrieval, there are new options for an integrated reporting (LINK) of financial and non-financial data within one solution. Future proof.

Emissions Forecasting

Most data is already available in the operative system of your company as sales planning data. cii can automatically access this data via interfaces. With this data in cii you can have an eye on your future emissions with your act and plan data or test and develop new strategies by using our scenario options.

Fast Implementation

We offer a running system that can be implemented in almost no time as we can use existing architectures and sheets of your system for first outcomes. We offer an fast and easy implementation process that  allows you to start sustainability management within weeks and not months or years as with other systems.


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