“At the end of the day, I want our customers to say, “CG Controlling and cii helped us to improve our sustainability significantly.”

Andreas Bollongino, Founder of CG Controlling

The growing sustainability management market is challenging developers to produce EHS-software for the masses. The number of available standard-solutions is surging, and yet, so is the complexity of software requirements.  Our custom-built solution is tailored to your needs, so your sustainability can be more than an annual report in a standard software. We offer significant improvement of sustainability to companies: not just pure documentation of data, but pragmatic processing and analysis. We transform information into a foundation for profitable and successful decisions and actions.




Our mission is to make companies more sustainable by offering them one solution that integrates, plans and analyzes their sustainability data, resulting in a lasting effect.

Our vision is to offer suitable sustainability solutions to our customers, helping them to become more sustainable.

the story so far…

From the very start of CG Controlling,  Klaus Gerwig and Andreas Bollongino, the founders, always put the needs of their customers first.

Founded in 2011, CG Controlling draws on more than twenty years of experience in business intelligence, controlling and reporting on a technical and management level, as well as the development of software solutions. Dissatisfied by the fact that standard software solutions meet the needs of customers only to a certain degree, we wanted to develop solutions that fit the needs of their customers. Our solutions provide proof for this way of thinking: solutions developed in close consultation with our customers.

Beside the core elements of business intelligence, controlling and reporting, sustainability began to take a more important part in our alignment. With cii – collect – integrate – improve, we developed a solution that can fill the gap that exists for companies if they want to integrate, analyze and plan sustainability initiatives.

Our Valuable Team

Behind our founders and managing partners stands a team of problem-solvers dedicated to implementing sustainability. Our team consists of experienced consultants with a strong focus on business intelligence technology, and management controlling for multinational companies. Consultants join forces with our developers, experts in database programming.

Our team as well as our solutions are always focussed on supporting our customers to get their job done.

We offer…

With our long-lasting experience we can offer a combination of economic understanding of companies with excellent knowledge in business intelligence and technical understanding. Our core competencies are


Only by establishing close and trusting long-term partnerships with our customers we can develop the best possible solution.