Last year CG Controlling participated in a project of the European Social Fund (ESF), the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) of the Steinbeis University Berlin.

The project was called „Implementation of CSR-measures in medium-sized businesses using the Project-Competency-Concept“ („Implementierung von CSR-Maßnahmen im Mittelstand durch das Projekt-Kompetenz-Konzept“).

They selected Europe-wide 21 small and medium-sized businesses from various branches like Finances, IT- Service Provider or Real Estate to participate in the project. The goal of the project was to develop and to put a strategy in practice that would help the participating companies to proceed with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

ESF-project at CG Controlling

In our case the project was carried out in a two step strategy in 2014. The first step was to get new knowledge relating especially on sustainability. In order to get this knowledge we had several meetings and we used the Project-Competency-Concept designed by the Steinbeis University. We gained some new input insofar as we are from the field of reporting and controlling and not sustainability. The second step was to use our new-found knowledge of CSR and sustainability in order to develop a Sustainability Canvas based on Osterwalder and Pigneurs´s Business Model Canvas. For this step we had the support of a coach of the ICRM. Within the context of biweekly coaching we focussed our canvas on the subjects of entrepreneurial responsibility and sustainability.

Sustainability Canvas

In the following we used the newly developed Canvas in order to check our internal processes of their sustainability. With a higher transparency and an well-designed Canvas in conjunction with the progression of every employee regarding CSR and sustainability we managed it to bring this subjects into our minds.

A new product

Our economic approach in addition to our new-found knowledge of CSR, especially sustainability finally led onto new projects and a new product cii – collect – integrate – improve. For CG Controlling the ESF-project was a total success and we gained a lot of impetus and can hopefully use our knowledge in order to launch successful projects in the future.


Picture of Klaus Gerwig

If you have any questions regarding the ESF-project don´t hesitate to ask Klaus Gerwig via Mail:


The Steinbeis-University also published a book covering the project:

Cover des Buchs - Implementierung von CSR Maßnahmen im Mittelstand


Feldmann, Johannes, Mocny, Felicitas: „Implementierung von CSR-Maßnahmen im Mittelstand durch das Projekt-Kompetenz-Konzept“, Steinbeis-Edition, Stuttgart, 2015