Klaus Gerwig from CG Controlling GmbH is involved in the advisory board of the Green Office of the University of Konstanz. He shares expertise in sustainability as an external economist. In particular he supports the Green Office in working out the concept of the initial sustainability report.

Logo of the Green Office University of Constance

Green Office Uni Konstanz

The Green Office of the University of Konstanz is the first of its kind in Germany and is aimed to act as the first contact point regarding all issues of sustainability- large and small.

The Office will be financed by the Fund for innovative methods in teaching and learning. The idea of this cooperation is to be a primary contact in all issues of sustainability as well as the place that bundles, coordinates and promotes all sustainability efforts.

Green Offices

Green Offices exist for some time now. What makes them so special is that this organization is led by students and acts as an official body of the University. The first Green Office was founded five years ago at the University of Maastricht (http://greenofficemaastricht.nl/). At first these offices were acknowledged as an official body of the universities in the Netherlands and England. The common feature of all of them is that they want to be the primary contact for all sustainable aspects – either environmental, social or economic.

These motives are in the foreground of the University of Konstanz too. It is confirmed by the words of the persons responsible for the Green Office:


»We would like to be the first contact in issues regarding environmental, economic or social sustainability in all areas – teaching, research, operations and living space of the University. We wish the members of the University to acquire unity consciousness for sustainability and to be able to be more active, fair and responsible not only in our university, but also in the society.« See also https://www.uni-konstanz.de/gremien/green-office/


As the Green Office is currently under construction and suitable structures must be established, many fundamental decisions and arrangements are to be made. The Green Office develops the appropriate topics for teaching and research. Additionally it is in charge of such activities as the Day of Sustainability (“Tag der Nachhaltigkeit”) or networking of separate groups dealing with sustainability at the University of Applied Sciences.

Green Office and CG Controlling

In order to see how the current sustainability efforts of the university look like, it is planned to create a concept of sustainable reporting by the summer term 2015.

The experience of Klaus Gerwig from CG Controlling is especially useful for this task. He supports the team of the Green Office with advice and assistance as a longstanding consultant in sustainable reporting and controlling.

Further Information about Green Office of the University of Konstanz could be found on their website, on Facebook or in the local newspaper Südkurieror the university magazine.

The Green Office of the University of Konstanz is an exciting project worthy of support. We are looking forward to be able to support them.

Picture of Klaus GerwigIf you have any questions regarding our work for the Green Office don´t hesitate to ask Klaus Gerwig via Mail: klaus.gerwig@cg-kn.com.