Managing Sustainability Study of 2012

Nachhaltigkeit managen 2012

We are excited for our sustainability management tool cii – collect – integrate – improve to be featured in the new edition of “Managing Sustainability” (org. “Nachhaltigkeit Managen“), a study exploring sustainability management systems (SMS) conducted and published by brands & values. “Managing Sustainability” premiered with its first edition in 2012.

Investigating Sustainability Management Systems

Managing Sustainability” is primarily concerned with outlining reasons and exploring approaches for the implementation of sustainability management systems. In the 2012 edition of the study they presented six different systems. In the current version they present the solutions of eight individual Service providers with cii being one of them.

Furthermore they added more information about the different systems. The current edition features an interview on the market situation for sustainability management systems with Andreas Bollongino, CG Controlling GmbH founder and managing partner as well as a success story which, in our case, is the implementation of our system at Colep.

You can finde the complete success story here on our website. To the success story

Evaluation of cii in “Managing Sustainability”

Managing Sustainability Assessment on cii - intelligent and adaptable

Assessment brands & values

The evaluation of our solution by brands & values reflects our system very well: intelligent & adaptable. They highlight in their Evaluation especially the advantage of our strong background and long-lasting experience in controlling, planning, reporting and business intelligence. brands & values identifies the following aspects as the specific strenghts of our solution (see p.41):

  • highly adaptable system in the field of quantitative data
  • having a strong reference to business intelligence, the solution offers the opportunity to collect and link methods and processes for a systematic analysis.
  • Mindsets from controlling and cost accounting are combined very well

If you are interested in the whole study, you can download it from the brands & values website for free. To the study (only available in german)

Workshop with cii

As part of the “Managing Sustainability“-publication, a workshop including SMS live demonstrations will be conducted in Hamburg on October 15, 2015. The CG Controlling solution cii will be presented, among other systems, within this live demo. On this special occasion, we would be delighted to welcome you to Hamburg and introduce you to cii’s features and benefits!

Andreas Bollongino


If you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to contact Andreas Bollongino


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Literature: Muuß, Karsten, “Nachhaltigkeit managen“, brands & values , Bremen 2015. (Link)