Project Description

Takeda: “Better Health, Better Future.”

Planning, reporting and analysis of performance indicators as well as justification of deviations within the everyday business are demanding tasks for the controlling. With the takeover of another company or a restructuring phase, the challenge for a company like Takeda is even bigger. You have to find a way to compare different structures and to inspire users for new systems.

In 2011, the controlling department of the Takeda Corporation, a company best known for their production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, had to face this challenge. With the takeover of danish Nycomed Group the controlling of their german subsidiary was threatened with the loss of comparability of control parameters like history and planning data. In order to face this challenges they assigned CG Controlling.

First Tasks

Pragmatic and creative solutions were worked out and designed in cooperation with the responsible persons of Takeda. The first task was to provide a clear overview of a monthly reporting at an every cost center level. At the same time such important control parameters as prior year comparisons and budget objectives had not to be sacrificed. The acceptance of the system depended directly on the fact to what extent the cost center managers could find their way in the new structures. Only a small part of the platform delivered, could be used for a solution. In cooperation with the controlling team of Takeda in Berlin we succeeded to match old structures of both companies and to provide them plausible to the heads of cost centers and product managers.

Approach for a centralized controlling department

As the reporting structures have been accepted, we could focus on the planning of the further structures. In close collaboration with users, planning screens and functions were integrated. We have chosen a pragmatic approach: planning data that required a lot of expert knowledge would be generated decentralized. In case of Takeda Distribution Company it concerns mainly marketing and sales planning. The great part of overhead costs depends on the cost drivers like “vehicle, headcount, etc.” and is calculated and planned centralized by the controlling department. By means of a factor sheet the costs relevant for cost centers can be allocated to cost objects already during the planning.

  • AREA

    Production and distribution of pharmaceuticals


    > 30.000


    > 12 bn. $


    > worldwide


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